How to Help With Elections Today If You Have Already Voted

Today is the day. After four incredibly long years, we finally have another chance to vote in the presidential elections. But if you’ve participated in any form of early voting, today can seem a little disappointing. What do you do with all your nervous energy if you are not in line to vote? If you have some free time today, here are four ways to help that are more productive than updating Twitter every 30 seconds and / or ripping off your cuticles.


If you were going to volunteer to vote, but never got around to it, then today is your last chance. If you’re looking for a project, Friends Vote Together Community Action Group has compiled a spreadsheet that is constantly updated with information on volunteering opportunities in telephone banking, text banking, campaigning and newsletter processing. You can also follow the organization on Instagram, where they will continue to talk about ways to get involved, answer questions, and help you take action. In addition, Vote to Save America also provides information on how to get involved today.

Connect with friends and family

Take a few minutes to write and / or call your friends and family to remind them to vote. Maybe they’ve lost track of the day and really want to vote, but don’t realize it’s election day. If anything, they will (hopefully) appreciate what they hear from you.

Another option is to send a reassuring message to someone you know about to vote today. Here’s a sample template courtesy of Keith Mayer, Friends Vote Together founder and CEO:

“I’m so glad you are voting today. I hope you have a safe and easy experience. If you notice voter intimidation or problems, call the non-partisan hotline (866-687-8683). I am so proud of you for being a voter. Can’t wait to see how your vote is going! “

Attract people to polling stations

For some people, getting to the polls and voting can be difficult. Not everyone has a car, access to public transport, or lives within walking distance of a polling station. Mayer suggests asking his family, friends, and neighbors first if they need a ride to the polls. You can also participate, taking part in volunteer work in organizations such as the Rideshare2Vote, or posting a message on Nextdoor or local page on social networks.

Support people queuing

Just because you are not queuing to vote today does not mean that you cannot go there and make life easier for your fellow voters. If you live in Philadelphia, Miami, Denver or Phoenix, you can still sign up to volunteer for Feed the Polls , an organization that plans to deliver 40,000 meals to 60 polling stations in 15 states. Another option is pizza for polls . Just take a picture of a polling station with an especially long line, request a pizza, and then make it easier to distribute as soon as it arrives.


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