How to Increase Your Grip

We worked on our pressure grip with grabs and our support grip with hanging and deadlifts . Now it’s time for a different type of grip strength: the pinch grip.

A strong grip will help you hold on to something that you cannot grab your hand with. You will use different muscles depending on the width of the object and whether your fingers are flat or curved when pinching. You can also use your hands differently if you pinch with one hand instead of two.

Climbers know how beneficial it is to be able to pinch a rock and support their weight with the strength of the hand. (One day my jaw dropped when I heard each other, a climber, pull himself up at the bottom of the stop sign. I can’t confirm this story, but climbers with a good grip can do some insanely impressive things.)

To learn more about what climbers need to know about the different types of grips, this blog post is a good guide . You and me? Let’s focus on simple cymbal clamps.

How to make a plate clamp

For this exercise, you will need a weight plate that is relatively flat on both sides. I do this with rubber bumper pads in my gym. The classic way to train iron plate clamps is to turn two of them to face each other so that your fingers and thumb are touching a smooth surface. It’s difficult! Don’t forget that you can use chalk. Recommended Regimen from r / GripTraining recommends gloves to protect your skin .

If you don’t have any plates that fit this description, you can use any similar item. I was holding the textbook and asked my daughter to pull it out of my hands. Or pinch the edge of the door and lean back.

Find a weight that you can hold for 15 seconds or so, and then practice holding it for longer and longer. When you can hold it for a while, move to a heavier weight. Last fall I started holding the 15kg (33lb) bumper for ten seconds or so, and now I can hold the 25kg (55lb) plate for a full minute. Try the tongs and let us know how they go!


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