Stop Paying for YouTube TV Through the Apple App Store

If you’re paying for your YouTube TV subscription through the Apple App Store, now is the time to change your payment method.

YouTube recently announced that it plans to drop support for billing through Apple in March. Come March 13th, if you have a YouTube TV subscription that uses the App Store as a form of payment, your account will be automatically canceled and you will lose your DVR.

While no formal reason was given, the change is likely due to the fees Apple charges to process these in-app subscriptions, CNET reported . Apple typically charges 30% of the subscription fee in the first year, followed by 15%.

At $ 50 a month, that means Apple gets $ 15 a month, or $ 180 a year for every YouTube TV subscription in the first year. If you multiply that $ 180 by the number of customers paying this way, you get a pretty sizable amount of money that YouTube isn’t getting.

Netflix and Spotify have also stopped allowing subscriptions through in-app purchases on the App Store in recent years.

All there is to say, if you have a YouTube TV account currently paid for through the App Store, now is the time to log in and switch to something new before you accidentally end up with a canceled subscription and a blank DVR.


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