What’s the Biggest Member Movement in Your City?

We talked about the best favor people can do to each other in your city. Now it’s time for the opposite. How do the people in your city spoil the lives of others the most?

What are the worst habits of drivers, bikers and pedestrians in your area? From noisy bar patrons, annoying passengers, tourists with drooping jaws, snobs, squatters with laptops with zombie eyes, noisy young, moody old men, ready to guillotine the rich? And what makes the ones in your city different from everyone else?

What’s good in one city is bullshit in another. What mistakes do people make because they don’t know the rules of your city? Do they keep forgetting to tip, say hello, or pick up the pace? What unwritten rules are constantly violated in your area? (Typically New York, illustrated in Midnight Cowboy above: the pedestrian is always right.)

One exception: while the problem of homelessness can often manifest itself as an inconvenience for you, for the purposes of this post, any behavior of the homeless and the very poor is not a “vile move.” We’re sure you will find other luckier people to complain about. Thanks for understanding.

On a broader scale, what the hell has your local government done? What terrible projects have they brought to the city in the style of Robert Moses? How did they deceive the people? Which companies have flooded your streets with flyers, scooters, or fro-yo nets that close in a month?

Most importantly, how do you deal with all these cock movements other than moving to some other city with his own cock movements? What petty revenge are you playing? How do you reduce escalation? How do you comfort yourself?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll post the best ones on the “Personnel” tab.


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