Open a Beer Bottle With Another Beer Bottle

We showed you how to open a beer bottle with a knife , spoon , lighter , stapler , newspaper , Mac power supply , countertop , frisbee, and hand . Now a video on Reddit shows you how to open a beer bottle with a beer bottle – or, if you’re smart, just a bottle cap.

  1. Turn the bottle opener upside down.
  2. Slide the edge of the bottle cap under the edge of the one you want to lift.
  3. Pry it off like a bottle opener.
  4. When you’re done with your beer, push the cap down on the empty bottle and it can still work like a bottle opener.

This is the typical way to open beer in Germany, according to commentators on Reddit. But it takes a little bit of learning to do this, so be careful, otherwise you will crack the bottle and spill beer all over the place. So try a sober lifestyle first.

When You Don’t Have Beer Bottle Openers | r / life hacks


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