What Opens and Closes on July 4th

July 4th is a national holiday, which means that depending on where you are and what you want to do today, you may or may not be lucky. Like most national holidays, some businesses will be closed for the day of the celebration, but others must be open.

In general, the best advice for today is to call the company before heading into it, just to make sure it’s open. This bagel place you like might be closed this morning, but the coffee shop next door might very well be open for business. Some businesses may also have limited hours during the day when they are open this morning but close in the afternoon so their employees can enjoy the day.

However, here is a rundown of a few places we know will be open or closed to help guide you through your day.


If you’re waiting for Mom’s greeting card to arrive via USPS, you’ll have to wait until Thursday. The US Postal Service is closed all day, as is UPS. FedEx offices are open today but on a limited schedule.

Government agencies and banks

Since July 4th is a public holiday, they are all closed for work today. This means that the IRS, social services office, courthouse and other similar places will be closed during the day. Banks are also closed during the day, but you can still use the ATM to withdraw cash and make deposits.

The stock exchange also closed early on July 3 and will remain closed on July 4.

National parks

National parks are technically run by the government, but they are a big exception to the “everything is closed” rule. All 400 national parks will open on July 4, and some will host special events to celebrate America’s 235th anniversary.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores are one of the places you need to call first. Typically, most are due to open early in the morning of July 4th, but many chains, including Whole Foods, close early so their employees can go out to celebrate. Make sure your location is still open (or open) before leaving.

Walmart and Target will be open today, so they can also work as a last resort if you run out of hot dog buns.


This is another one that you probably want to check before leaving. Most chain restaurants will be open during regular hours on July 4th, but local eateries may be closed. You should also beware of franchises and networks. While some owners may choose to stay open, others may close or close earlier.


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