Google Android Messages Are About to Copy the Best IMessage Feature

Google has released more messaging apps that I remember ( Allo , Android Messages, Messenger, Hangouts , Gchat , the list goes on), but the company has never been able to create a single service that can easily handle your messages across all platforms. the way iMessage works with iOS and Mac devices. Now Google may have finally figured it out by copying one of Apple’s best features: desktop SMS messaging.

The latest Android Messages update has n’t changed much, but it does include some interesting code that could open the way for future features. Android police have dug into the update to reveal that Google is gearing up to launch a browser-based version of Android Messages for desktops and laptops. This will allow you to send SMS messages to your phone through your computer, similar to how iMessage lets you send text messages to your Android friends from its Mac app.

Allo, another messaging app from Google, also comes with a web client, but cannot send SMS messages. So if your friends don’t use Allo either, it’s useless. With Android Messages, Google can finally solve this problem and offer a cross-platform messenger that actually works.

It is not yet known when (or if) the new feature will launch, but Google details how it might work. Android messages will be available for almost all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera, according to a report by the Android police.

Syncing computers with Android messages should also be a fairly straightforward process, and you’ll get a notification every time you add a new one. It looks like it also supports multiple computers, so you will be able to send SMS messages from your desktop at work and from your laptop at home. Finally, Google will obviously make it easier to check which computers have access to your Android Messages account and remove anything that shouldn’t be on the list.

With the launch of the new feature, Google may finally have a real competitor to iMessage. It might even be enough to convince some people to ditch Apple entirely.


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