MoviePass Subscriptions Now Cost $ 7.95 and Come With Free Fandor Subscriptions

MoviePass is trying to reach even more customers with a new lower price tag that includes free access to the streaming service Fandor. If you’ve been sitting on the fence joining the service, now is the time.

Now, instead of $ 9.95 a month to watch a movie a day, new MoviePass customers who subscribe to the service will pay $ 7.95 a month. The Fandor subscription also comes with a deal that gives users access to a large number of independent films.

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe described the ad deal for The Hollywood Reporter as an experiment, so if you want to take advantage of it, do it ASAP. The company also hasn’t announced when the lower price will end, so it could potentially only last a few days.

As with any good deal, there are many catches for this.

There is a $ 19.95 signup fee to start with, bringing your annual total to $ 115.35. You must subscribe for a year at a time, so both of you must have such affordable disposable income and be ready to use MoviePass usable.

Late last month, MoviePass also announced some new terms to watch out for.

MoviePass also recently decided to ban customers from using the service at some of AMC’s largest cinemas due to a brand dispute. It looks like neither AMC nor MoviePass is backing down in this battle, so in the future you may find other cinemas removed from the service.

Finally, several customers recently announced that their subscription was canceled by MoviePass due to “watching too many movies.”

MoviePass argued that these subscriptions were instead canceled because people used the service to offset the cost of watching Fathom Events or IMAX movies (MoviesPass can only be used for regular 2D movies), or that they bought tickets that they then redeemed for a gift. cards minutes later.

This is definitely the time he said it, she said, but something worth bringing to your attention.


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