What You Need to Know the First Time in Your Trampoline Fitness Class

Trampoline jumping is undoubtedly fun, but how well does it correlate with exercise class? Turns out it’s fun, but it’s not that easy non-stop ricochet. Here’s what I learned the first time:

  • Trampolines are relatively safe and comfortable . The ones in my studio had spring padding and six legs around the trampoline, so there was no way to accidentally jump on the wrong side and get injured. The models vary, but they are all relatively stable. We didn’t have a handle to hold on to, but many do. Without it, it will take a little time to find balance.
  • There is no easy way to stop jumping . If your calf muscles are sore, try smaller, softer jumps. But there is no middle ground between jumping and not jumping, so just stick there if you can.
  • Dress to bounce . The trampoline’s softness means it’s not as sharp as running, but you definitely move a lot. Wear a good sports bra.
  • You can only bounce for so long . In the 45 minute class I attended, we only bounced for about 30 minutes, and the rest of the time we did stretching and core workout on the floor. Jumping is fun, but I was definitely ready for a break.

Have you tried trampoline training? Any tips for the rest of us? And if you’ve never tried, what would you like to know?


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