How to Clean the Inside of a Washer and Dryer

This weekend , The Washington Post ran an article listing 10 things in your home that you probably don’t clean but should.

The list includes many things that cleanliness enthusiasts probably already clean, such as a ceiling fan, mattress and shower head, but the list also includes something that I never thought of cleaning personally: the inside of your washer and dryer.

Things like mold, mildew and lint can build up inside washers and dryers, according to Beth McGee, author of Clean Your Home: A Home Method Everyone Can Learn. I definitely knew some of the lint, but I never thought that mold or mildew might be hiding inside my washing machine.

It’s not that hard to clear it up. If you have a newer washing machine with a disinfectant setting, you can clean it by running an empty cycle with a quarter cup of bleach, according to McGee.

If you’re rocking an old washing machine, run a cycle at maximum load and hottest water with a quarter cup of bleach. When this is done, leave the door open and let the washing machine air dry.

She notes that the rubber seals around the washer door can also pick up mold and mildew, so you may need to wipe them down separately.


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