How to Tell a Cold From the Flu

You have a fever, a runny nose, and cannot get out of bed. It must be the flu, right? Not necessary.

The flu and the common common cold have a lot in common, so it’s hard to pinpoint what’s really upsetting you.

This year is the worst flu season we’ve seen in years, so your chances of getting it are slightly worse than in the past, especially if you haven’t gotten the flu shot (why didn’t you get the flu shot? Go get it now) …

While a test by your doctor is the only reliable way to know if you have a cold or not, the CDC released an infographic this week that breaks down some of the differences between the two so you can at least make an educated guess.

To some extent, the key is how quickly you get sick. If things go slow, you may have a cold. If something hit you hard and quickly, it is most likely the flu.

Here’s what the CDC has to say :

Regardless of what you have, drink plenty of fluids, take a nap, and stay at home to avoid giving an unwanted gift to any of your coworkers and friends. They will appreciate it.


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