Tell Us Your Tips in Atlanta

They made a whole city out of this Donald Glover show. And there are many tricks to this. If you need to get to a street called Peachtree, make sure it’s definitely Peach Street and not the other 70 streets in Atlanta with “Peachtree” in the name. And when an inch of snow spoils the city, stay out of the way unless you want to be piled on.

Atlanta readers, what would you tell a visitor about the city? What do you like the most about the city? What is underestimated and overrated? Which bar, restaurant or store can really use more business? What are the best local festivals, parades and parties?

What is it like to live there for a long time? What would you say to someone who has just moved there? Where should they move, what mistakes should be avoided, how to meet new people?

What tricks do you trade with other longtime residents? Are there bars out there that love to reward their patrons? Is there a highway that should be avoided on the way to work, or a great area that is just difficult to get to?

Tell us below and we’ll bring you the best tips in a new post on Thursday.


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