Use Amazon Prime Now to Help Those in Need

You probably see it all the time: someone is sitting alone in the cold with a sign on which is written a plea for help. Well, even if you no longer have cash or have time to run to the nearest store, you can still help them with this clever good deed.

Amazon Prime Now allows Amazon Prime subscribers in certain regions to order and receive items within two hours. Once I ordered a keyboard from the service and received it in 45 minutes. It’s pretty incredibly fast to get what you need, but YouTuber Rob Bliss has come up with a much more selfless way to use it. Instead of buying things for himself, Bliss began ordering things for the homeless people he met on the street. It’s fast, simple, and actually gives people what they need to keep going. You can see how it all unfolds in the video above.

If you want to experience this act of kindness, there are a few things you need to note first:

  • The name of the person.
  • The closest address to where they will be.
  • What a person needs.

With this information, you can quickly place your order and get on with your day. Just make sure you let the person know that something is on the way so they don’t leave, and give the courier a note explaining who to give the package to. For his experiments, Bliss writes a message that says something like this:

Yes, and don’t forget to tip your couriers! Keep in mind that for this type of work, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber and have access to Amazon Prime Now in your area. Also, it costs nothing because it can only work well in densely populated metropolitan areas where there are more couriers on a given day. However, the next time you see someone in need, consider giving it a try. You can make someone’s day infinitely better.


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