Veterans Can Get a Year of LinkedIn Premium Membership for Free

Finding a job can be difficult, no matter who you are or what education you have. If you’ve spent time away from the traditional workforce that served in the military, finding this job can potentially be even more difficult.

If you’ve served in the military, you’re eligible for a free year on LinkedIn Premium, which hopefully might make finding the perfect job a little easier.

Buying LinkedIn Premium for $ 30 a month on your own can be an expensive proposition, especially if you are currently unemployed or part-time, but it can also be the difference between getting an interview for that job and avoiding problems.

LinkedIn Premium users can appear as Featured Applicants when they apply through LinkedIn, can see who has visited their profile to get an idea of ​​who might be interested in their skills (or just see if their hiring manager has reviewed them). and can send three free emails a month to people using the service they want to contact. The service also lets you know how you compare to other people who have applied for the same job, and what an appropriate salary might be for that position when it’s time to talk about numbers.

If you’re a veteran looking to take advantage of a great deal, go to the Veterans LinkedIn page and click the Sign Up Now button.

You will need to fill out a form and indicate your service in your profile. You also need to not be a LinkedIn Premium member at this time. Twice a week, LinkedIn filters these forms through several filters, and if it determines that you are eligible to upgrade to Premium, once it determines that you meet the criteria, it will process the upgrade and you’ll be ready to go with the LinkedIn Career for a year.

You can read about the nuances of the action here .


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