Unsubscribe Your Pesky Facebook Friends by Unsubscribing From Them

When we rounded up our staff’s weekly updates last Friday , our editors revamped their skincare routines, immersing themselves in a holiday mood and returning to long-lost hobbies.

This week, we’re experimenting with creative new routines, redefining our retirement plans, cleaning up social media clutter, and making time for mental health.

What updates have you made this week? Let us know in the comments.

Expand your streaming capabilities

I recently started switching from Spotify to Apple Music so I could listen to my streaming music and my iTunes music. (This is technically possible on Spotify, but it’s a hack.) I can’t say that I actually recommend it yet, but I really missed my old music! However, all my friends use Spotify and share good playlists, so I can … leave both? As if I’m some kind of sultan?

Nick Douglas, staff writer

Invest in your morning coffee ritual

Nespresso (mini) is my update! I only drink one cup of coffee a day, I am very lazy and prefer espresso coffee (for acidic reasons), so this situation with a one-time serving ready in no time is ideal for me. Plus it’s very small, which is great because my counters are full of circulating pumps.

Claire Lowe, Food and Beverage Editor

Provide financial service for yourself in the future

I have increased my 401 (k) contribution by 2% this week. Initially it was supposed to be 1%, but I thought, why not raise it to 2% and see if I can live comfortably in this state. A new job / new year seems like a good time like any other to start saving more for retirement.

alisia adamchik, staff writer

Put on your touchscreen gloves

I have some fancy cashmere-lined leather gloves that support the touchscreen because I’ll be in New York for almost two weeks and it’s damn cold there.

Patrick Allan, staff writer

Unfollow Your Worst Facebook Friends

I stopped being afraid of the “Unfollow” button on Facebook. My tape now has less drama and daily speeches that make me twitch.

Michelle Wu, parenting editor

Double Taking Care of Yourself on Vacation

I’m not sure if this is really an update, but I made the decision to roll out an additional therapy session next week before going on vacation. It’s expensive (unfortunately my therapist is offline), but it’s very easy to forget to take care of yourself during the hustle and bustle of the holiday, so taking the extra time to keep your head straight seemed worth it.

Virginia K. Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Set yourself up for artistic success

Inspired by Jaime’s approval of the morning pages , I began to read The Artist’s Way. I don’t quite identify with the idea of ​​being “locked out” by an artist, but I look forward to seeing what happens if I complete the tasks outlined in the book. Next: to invite myself to a “date with the artist” in some interesting place – I have my eyes on the Post-Natural History Center .

Beth Skwarecki, health editor

Get a business card case to carry

If your career involves a little networking or social interaction with coworkers and clients, you may have a few tattered business cards stuffed in your wallet ready to hand out to new people before you give them all away. After spending years apologizing for not having enough cards, I decided I had enough. I will no longer carry my business cards in my wallet, where by the time I hand them out they will be a little worn out. I purchased apair of elegant stainless steel business card cases from Muji home furnishings store. There are 25 cards in each box, more than enough for whatever event I go to. I keep one case at home and another in the office, just to make sure I’m willing to share my contact information the old fashioned way (in case you can’t tell, I don’t like giving people my phone).



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