Diets That Actually Have a Scientific Basis

There is a ton of confusing, often conflicting information about which diets work and which ones do. This video debunks many misconceptions about different types of diets.

A video from ASAP Science explains how different categories of diets work. For example, a calorie restricted diet aims to lose weight by simply limiting the amount of energy consumed. If you follow this method, you can eat whatever you want, as long as you limit your calories. On the other hand, CRON diets (or calorie restriction with optimal nutrition) also aim to restrict calories, but with an emphasis on getting the best nutrients from the food you eat. With this diet, you won’t get most of your calories from unhealthy foods. Watch the full video to learn more about high protein diets or riskier full restriction diets.

Which diets really work? | Science as soon as possible


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