Why You Should Always Carry Cash With You When You Go to the Bar

All you really need for a fun night out at the bar is a smartphone with a ride distribution app and possibly a credit or debit card. But using cash can get the bartender to your side and actually save you some money if you don’t plan on staying there long.

Let’s say you’re going to meet up with friends at a bar. You order a drink, hand your credit or debit card to the bartender, and he asks if you would like to leave your account open. When you tell them you want to close it, they tell you that it is $ 10 minimum, so you will have to order something else. Can they do it? As VinePair’s Nick Hines explains , yes, it’s perfectly legal and wo n’t change anytime soon. Businesses can set a minimum dollar amount for purchases made with cards as long as it does not exceed $ 10, according to the FTC . So for most bars, a $ 6 beer will cost you another $ 4 plus a tip if you don’t have the money with you.

Is this bar legal minimum $ 10 credit card amount? | VinePair


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