Best Types of Cookies to Send by Mail

Cookies are a delicious way to send family and friends a sincere, handmade gift, but sending it isn’t easy. You want your cookies to look pretty, so here are the ones that best survive the shipping process.

The cookies that can resist mailing can be divided into four main types.

  • Crispy : Crispy biscuits such as biscotti and shortbread are thick so they are less prone to breakage.
  • Chewy Shape : Softer cookies that need to be chewed a little, such as chocolate chips, ginger or snickerdoodles, hold well because they can absorb a small amount of projectiles. However, they tend to dry out over time, so mail them quickly or to those who are in just a day or two by mail.
  • Bars : Brownies and peanut butter bars are good examples of thick, moist baked goods that will last for a couple of days in wrapping.
  • Sugar : Decorated sugar cookies are a holiday classic, but choose shapes without any fragile pieces like snowmen or bells. Use royal icing because it hardens so your artistic endeavors don’t get spoiled in transit.

There are many variations of these four types, but for now, you focus on the traits of each that make them great for mailing, and make sure you submit how good they taste no matter how far you send them.

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