Learn Over 500 Years of English Slang With This Online Dictionary

English has enough slang to create an entirely new language. Whether you need to do a little research for an English assignment, or you are just doing linguistics, this online dictionary is your best bet.

Green’s Slang Dictionary is an award-winning set of books widely considered to be the best reference for English slang (sorry, city dictionary). The directory is the largest of its kind and contains nearly 100,000 words, supported by over 400,000 citations dating back to the Middle Ages. If you ever need to do any research on English slang terms, you can’t beat Green’s – and it’s now available online.

If you’ve ever wanted to find words in Green’s before, you’ll have to go to your local library or pay a hefty price for your own set of books . You can now do all your research with their online dictionary for free. And since it’s all online now, they’ll be able to constantly update it as new slang emerges. Check it out at the link below.

Green’s Slang Dictionary via Mental Floss


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