PSA: Don’t Leave Artist Tape for Too Long

Masking tape is a must if you want clean, straight lines when drawing. But here’s a little caveat: don’t leave it on for too long. gives some helpful tips for getting it right, and here’s one important one:

I also didn’t realize that many brands recommend leaving the tape on for just 15 minutes, and I’ve definitely expanded those limits. The result of too long activation? When I took it off, it took away some of my fresh coat paint.

It only makes sense that the paint will adhere to the tape as well as it does to the wall. But as a person who made this mistake, it is worth announcing it.

It probably depends on the tape, so if it comes with instructions, see if there is a time limit on it. Removing it too early can ruin your painting, too. SFGate states that the ideal time to remove paint is as soon as it is dry to the touch, that is, after about an hour. They add that for best results, you should shoot it at a 45 degree angle. To find out more, follow the link below.

8 Things You Should Not Do When Painting Your Home | She knows


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