Hatching Eggs in Pokémon Go With a Turntable

Certain aspects of Pokémon Go , such as hatching eggs, take a long time to walk, run, or cycle . However, if you find it difficult to get around, a simple turntable can help even on the playing field.

The only way to hatch egg items that you sometimes get on PokéStops is to travel until you have traveled 2, 5, or 10 km, depending on the egg. This video from YouTube’s Tech Insider offers a great alternative for those who can’t stand all day: place your phone on a spinning turntable. Just make sure your phone is unlocked, the app is open, the phone is on the edge of the player (hangs a bit), and you have the player set to the maximum speed. It will take some time to increase the distance it takes for the egg to hatch, but it works. Other options includeattaching your phone to Roomba, or even a dog to do the work for you.

Yes, these methods are technically deceiving and can be abused by lazy trainers. But they can also be used by people who cannot move around so easily and still want to be a part of this phenomenon.

Hatch Go Pokemon Eggs Without Walking | Youtube


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