Literary Hub Book Stamps – Like Rotten Tomatoes

Book Marks is a new website that brings together book reviews from both critics and readers so you can view everything in one place.

Book Signs was launched by the Literary Hub , a site dedicated to a mix of book news, excerpts, original content, and interviews. Book Marks aims to help book lovers discover new titles and foster lively dialogue and community development around these books, similar to what Goodreads is already doing.

But the main difference between Book Marks is that it aggregates reviews from professional critics, just like Rotten Tomatoes does for films and shows. These professional reviews then become a literal category (with pros and cons). While readers can also voice their thoughts in the comment section, they are currently unable to offer their rating. Also, there is no way to see what another Book Marks user reads, comments, or likes / dislikes.

If these features bother you less, Book Marks can be another great way to discover new books you might want to unearth.

Book signs | Literary hub via Real Simple


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