Video and Graphic Guide to 12 of America’s Most Beautiful Natural Parks

There are dozens of beautiful national parks in the United States, but if you could only see one, this video and graphic guide from Expedia will help you narrow down to 12 great parks to explore, all renowned for their attractions or exceptional natural beauty.

From Hidden Lake views in Glacier National Park to Big Tree Loop in Redwood National Park, to bear watching in Katmai National Park, the guide is full of some of the best and most popular parks in the country, along with some suggestions for what to do when go, and of course what everyone else is likely to do when you arrive. Each park has a recommended activity that you can do in one day, a photo spot where you can take some memorable photos, a great walk or activity that you can do that day, and of course, an interesting animal that you will probably find nearby. path. Check out the full image below or the video above.

One Day Guide to 12 US National Parks | Expedia


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