Remember to Budget for These Often Overlooked Travel Expenses

When you create a travel fund, you think about the obvious, like air tickets and hotels , and fun things like souvenirs and food . However, there are some costs that are often overlooked and these costs add up.

Apartment Therapy lists ten hidden travel costs. I’m pretty good at managing my budget, and even I’ve overlooked some of them. For example, there is the cost of housing your pets or hiring a nanny. Of course, my cats are easy, so I really don’t need to hire anyone, but even when I have a friend watching my cats, I usually stock up on snacks and stuff.

This may not sound like a lot, but add on to it other expenses that don’t seem like much, and your budget can grow quite quickly.

There is Wi-Fi during the flight, food for you on your way back, magazines and books for the flight, etc. It can be tricky to think about all the hidden costs, so it might be better to just save a little more in your travel budget. However, Apartment Therapy lists even more costs in the link below, and their readers agree with some good ones too.

Hidden Costs: 10 Travel Expenses You Didn’t Think About | Apartment therapy


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