Eye-Fi Is Dropping Support for Older Wi-Fi Cards, Rendering Them Useless

Eye-Fi, the makers of popular Wi-Fi memory cards, are phasing out some of their lineups later this year, and users are unhappy that these older cards will simply stop working.

Eye-Fi informed customers via email that lines X1 and X2 will expire on September 16, 2016. These specific products require a cloud service called “Eye-Fi Center,” which you will use to configure the cards. ‘ settings. But they take down the hub through which you set up the cards, rendering them mostly useless. According to DIYPhotography , Eye-Fi cites unsafe legacy Wi-Fi technology used by the cards as the reason, but it’s probably not a coincidence that they only sold their Ricoh cloud services last month .

A complete list of products that will no longer work after September 16 can be found in the Eye-Fi FAQ section :

  • All original X1 products (Original, Home, Share, Video, Pro)
  • 4 GB Geo X2
  • 4 GB Connect X2
  • 8 GB Explore X2
  • 8 GB Mobile X2
  • 8 GB Pro X2
  • 16 GB Pro X2
  • Visioneer x2
  • Sandisk X2

However, there may still be a way to use the cards without their support. Eye-Fi says Direct Mode should still work on cards, as does Selective Transfer, if you set them up before the September 16 shutdown date.

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