No Special Glasses Required for Sparkling Wine

When building a home bar, it is difficult to understand which glassware is needed and which ones you can skip. It turns out that fancy sparkling wine glasses are something you might be missing out on.

While champagne flutes do keep your bubbly bubbling for a longer period (less surface exposed to air allows your drink to retain its carbon dioxide more), they don’t do much in the way of flavor. According to master sommelier Dustin Wilson, it’s all about aromas:

Because of the lack of surface, wine has less room to move and therefore less room to express its aroma, ”explains Wilson. The flute is really difficult to twist – and you want to twist. “Rotating the wine activates the esters in the wine,” or, in simple terms, lets you smell what you are drinking.

The coupe is also not the best option. While they look really cool when stacked in a tower, they actually have too much surface area, meaning you practically have to drink champagne if you want to enjoy its gaseous goodness. The best glass for sparkling wine? This is the standard white wine glass you can buy at Target for about twenty-five dollars .

Here’s Another Reason Nobody Needs Champagne Glasses | Kitchen


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