Simplify Learning Complex Board Games by Providing Examples in Advance

When you’re trying to get someone involved in a tough board game that you enjoy, breaking the rules and getting them to stick to them is the hardest part. A little preparation can save you time and headaches.

If you’re tired of playing Apples-Apples and Codenames games in the evenings, and you’re tired of keeping more complex games on the shelf, Geek and Sundry’s Sax Carr has some tips to make learning easier for friends. … Nobody likes to study the rules for two hours, so you need to speed up the process, and Carr invites you to create concrete examples of game mechanics before everyone sits down to study. With the correct script already set up, you can provide dozens of examples of how the game works. The more rules you learn from your script, the better. It keeps everyone interested because it takes half the time and keeps you from falling prey to the “We’ll explain it when we get to this” admonition.

5 rules for teaching the most difficult board games | Geek and stuff


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