Basic Gardening Tools for Beginners

Let’s say you’ve finally moved into a house or apartment that has plenty of outdoor space for a small garden to call your own. What tools do you need to get started? Are all trowels created equal? This video explains the basics of what you need.

In thevideoabove , this old house talks to landscape designer Jenn Navada about what she needs in gardening. You can use any old trowel of mortar stores, but it encourages Japanese knife Hori-Hori with limiter depth, if you mean serious business. You will also need a small hand rake, a pruner (she prefers bypass pruners, which give a clean cut without crushing the plant), gloves soaked in nitrile to maintain tactile sensitivity, and a few other essentials. Watch the video to see a few more important gardening details.

How to choose tools for budding gardeners ┬╗wiki helpful This old house


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