Fantasy Soundtrack Playlist

Now is the perfect time to be a fantasy nerd. As Game of Thrones concludes its sixth season, take some time to appreciate the great musical traditions in our favorite fantasy stories.

Music nerds have a lot to love about fantastic franchises. Whether it’s the iconic opening masterpiece of Game of Thrones or the ingenious interplay of the theme songs from The Lord of the Rings trilogy , the fantasy genre is full of music that lives up to the name “fantasy”.

This playlist from Spotify user Tyler Ash brings together some of the best fantasy soundtracks from shows, movies and games such as The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Fable, Dragon Age, The Witcher and Dungeons and Dragons “. Turn on shuffle mode and let it play over the weekend while you’re ready for George Martin to break your heart again.

Welcome to our series offeatured playlists . Every week we’ll be sharing a new themed playlist built in for your convenience! You can copy the list of tracks to your service or listen right here. Do you have your own playlist? Share with us in the comments below!


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