For a Better Choice, Buy the IKEA Section “as Is” on Monday.

Forget the maze, the IKEA section is where it is. You can find great deals on returned merchandise and you will be good to look at the section on Monday.

As one redditor points out, Mondays are ideal because stores get quite a few returns over the weekend and post them all out in a rush. They further explain:

I got a 1/2 price couch that was in perfect shape, multiple tables, etc. Like new just checking out Monday afternoon. By the time Friday rolls around, everything is already assembled, and mostly broken junk remains.

Also talk to the guys working in the warehouse. They know what’s in the back and can alert you to things that might not be on the ground floor … They store different colors and things like that, stacked in the back.

The results will vary, of course, but it’s worth considering whether you have time after work or have a day off. To find out more about shopping at Ikea, follow the links below.

Heads Up – Ikea Cabinet Doors As Is | Reddit via House Beautiful


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