Use Nature for Free Christmas Decorations

Want to save on holiday decorations this year? Along with reusing (or repurposing) items you have from years past, you can freshen up your holiday decor with a little help from nature. Here’s what you need to know.

How to decorate for the holiday using natural objects

First, a few basic rules. If you are lucky enough to own a house with your own yard, then, by all means, help yourself to what you have. Citizens and others who do not have access to nature should not trespass on private property or take things from parks. However, they may ask friends and family with trees and yards so that they cannot come and help tidy up their belongings (such as gathering fodder for holiday decorations).

In any case, here are some ideas:

evergreen branches

The most obvious and most versatile of nature’s decorations are the branches of evergreen trees, which can be used for anything from garlands to table decorations, wreaths and greenery around a den. Place a few sprigs in a clear glass bottle, tie it with ribbon or twine, and place it anywhere in your home that needs a little tidying up.

Are there any evergreen trees in your area? If you happen to live near one of these pop-up trees on the street, in a vacant lot, or in a parking lot, ask the salesperson if they have any broken branches they want to get rid of, or if you have permission to pick up those that are already on the ground. .

Pine cones

Another winter classic, pine cones can be used in a variety of ways, including filling a bowl and using as a centerpiece, turning into decorations, or glued together as a wreath.

sticks and branches

Like evergreen branches, you can put a few branches in a vase or glass jar for instant holiday decor. If you come across relatively flexible longer sticks, bend a few into a round shape, secure them, and then add some greenery at the bottom, like a pine cone, and make a wreath.


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