The Best Safari Extensions for Your Mac

While Safari doesn’t have as many extensions as Firefox or Chrome , there are some great add-ons that you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without. We’ve compiled a list of the best Safari extensions for Mac so you can add much-needed features to Apple’s default browser, from YouTube enhancements to enabling dark mode on all websites.

(While you’re checking them out, don’t forget to change these Safari settings to make it the best browser . And if you’re looking for the best Safari extensions for your iPhone, we’ve got you covered too .)

Vinegar: Eliminates YouTube’s Worst Flaws

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, Vinegar ($1.99) is a must. This extension blocks ads on YouTube and forces the platform to use a minimal HTML5 video player. For Mac users, the main benefit here is the ability to watch YouTube without ads, but Vinegar isn’t just for Macs.

One purchase allows you to use Vinegar on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. On iOS and iPadOS, Vinegar lets you play YouTube videos in the background and offers picture-in-picture support without having to pay for Premium (although recently YouTube also offered the feature for free).

If you like this extension, check out Baking Soda ($1.99). It’s the same developer and it forces all websites to use the HTML5 video player. Unfortunately, Baking Soda cannot block ads.

Noir: enable dark mode on all websites

Noir ($2.99) lets you use dark mode on every website you visit. It analyzes the colors used on any web page and creates a new theme accordingly, so you may see a slightly different background color depending on the websites you visit. While there are more websites than ever offering a dark theme by default, many still don’t, so Noir will quickly prove its worth.

PiPifier: enable picture in picture for all videos

If you want to enable picture-in-picture mode for any video, PiPifier will do the job for free. Just play the video on any site, then click the PiPifier button on the Safari toolbar. (The extension will not work until you interact with the video player.)

StopTheMadness: Improve your overall browsing experience.

StopTheMadness ($9.99) specializes in fixing annoying things commonly found on many websites. For example, if you frequently use websites that block copy and paste, StopTheMadness will allow you to bypass these restrictions. It also allows you to stop videos from autoplaying on all websites, remove tracking information from URLs, warn you when you’ve exceeded the character limit for passwords on certain websites, and fix many other issues before you even notice them. . Its user interface is a bit primitive, but the extension itself works very well.

Auto HD + FPS: force YouTube to choose the best quality

YouTube often defaults to a much lower quality stream than your computer can handle. Auto HD + FPS is a free extension that solves this problem. This forces YouTube to choose the best resolution and frame rate your computer can play, so you don’t have to select the 1080p 60fps streaming option every time.

Super Agent: Remove Annoying Cookie Banners

If permission cookie banners follow you everywhere you go, Super Agent is the extension you need. It’s free and removes those banners on most websites. You may still encounter sites where this extension does not work. When you do this, the extension allows you to report it to the developer so they can fix it in the future.

See Passwords: find hidden password fields

Some malicious websites are rife with hidden password fields that try to trick your browser into automatically revealing sensitive information about you. See Passwords ($0.99) is an extension that shows these hidden password fields to protect your privacy. Even if you’re using a good password manager that doesn’t autofill without your permission, See Passwords shows you when a website is in the shadows, helping you stay safe online and protect your data.


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