8 Indie Games in Development to Follow on TikTok

Lately, my TikTok algorithm has provided me with a series of videos of amazing games from indie developers that I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. These games aren’t even finished yet: some have release dates, others have demos, and still others only live in developer databases. Wherever these developers are in the production process, it’s interesting to watch them share their progress and give insight into how the digital sausage is made. Here are eight of my favorite unfinished indie games I follow on TikTok that I think you should follow too.

Of course, TikTok is a big place, and there are undoubtedly many more games in development that deserve your attention. Please feel free to shout about them in the comments. If you are interested in the game and it has a page on Steam, I also recommend that you add it to your wishlist. (It’s free, and it helps ISVs as you show that Steam people are excited about the title.)


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