You Have to Create Artificial Intelligence Memes With Dall-E Mini

If you’ve seen tons of otherworldly and hilarious picture collections on your Twitter feed, the people you follow probably use Dall-E Mini, a text-to-image software that uses artificial intelligence to create a series of photos. literally everything you can dream of.



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For example, here is Elvis Costello in space:

How to make images for memes with the Dall-E Mini

Making your own surreal meme images is easy. Just go to the Dall-E website , enter your text and wait for the program to display nine images according to your request. The process of creating your dream/nightmare images is complex, so it may take a couple of minutes for your results to display, but the wait is worth it.

Because it works by looking at images and text posted online, widely recognizable items, settings, and situations are likely to produce better results than more obscure clues. If you want to get creative, you can tell Dall-E which image you want by adding text such as “as black and white photo”, “as cartoon”, or “through a fisheye lens”. your hint.

How does the Dall-E Mini create these images?

Dall-E Mini, created by Boris Daima, is a free program designed to approximate the results of Dall-E 2 from OpenAI, a long-term project that maps text to images using Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training, distribution models. , and other concepts that are beyond my understanding. Here’s an explanation of Dall-E 2 if you’re interested.

Although Dall-E 2 (and Google’s collaborative imaging product Imagen ) produces better and more “serious” images, they have a couple of drawbacks compared to the free version: firstly, they are not open for use by everyone, and secondly , the images they make lack the distorted, lo-fi charm of the Dall-E Mini’s output.

The Dall-E Mini is constantly learning, so the more people use it, the better the images will be. I hope they don’t get too good or I’ll miss the joy of crap pictures like these:

For an endless stream of amazing creations, check out the Weird Dall-E Generations Twitter or Reddit board . And feel free to post your own Dall-E Mini creations in our comment section.


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