You Can Now Get Eight More Free COVID Tests in the Mail

You can first request four free rapid tests from the government . You can then request four more . Now there is a third round of offerings, and this time you will receive eight tests, for a total of 16 per family. Now we are getting somewhere.

To get a new batch of tests, go to the US Postal Service Test Kit Order page (or , which will direct you there) and provide your name and address. Sets and shipping costs are not charged. Fill it out and you’ll get tracking numbers for two packages with four tests (I guess it’s easier for them to deal with sets of four though).

You can still receive quizzes from earlier offer rounds. So if you haven’t received any free tests from the US government, fill out the form three times. (After you place your first order, the page will prompt you to do so.)

These are rapid antigen tests where you rub a swab into your nostrils and look for two lines on a test card. They can be from any of a variety of brands, as the government has purchased tests from several manufacturers to keep up with demand.

Meanwhile, funding for more tests and vaccines has been delayed in Congress, and President Biden has urged local governments to spend COVID relief money on crime prevention . Previously, COVID tests were free in many places, but now the government is encouraging people to contact health centers and pharmacies about “the availability of low-cost or free testing.” Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical adviser, said back in April that we were “out of the pandemic phase,” but the number of COVID cases is starting to rise again, even as access to clinical trials is difficult and home tests are not available. t is reflected in the official figures. But at least you won’t have to pay for a few tests that you will no doubt need.


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