How to Create a Burner Account on Reddit Even If They Don’t Want You to Do It Anymore

Reddit provides more anonymity than most other social networking websites, in particular allowing the use of accounts or disposable accounts without using an email address. However, Reddit has made it harder to figure out how to create these anonymous accounts lately, but you can still create one-time Reddit accounts on desktop and mobile.

What is a Reddit burner account and why do you need one?

Even though Reddit allows you to create anonymous accounts, your entire post and comment history remains public. Anyone can visit your Reddit profile and see every post or comment you’ve ever made, which can make it difficult to hide your identity, political affiliation, hobbies, and other sensitive information that you might not want random strangers to have access to. .

To mitigate this issue, many people often create new anonymous accounts to start fresh on Reddit. These accounts are referred to as “burning” or “disposable” accounts. If your friends or family members know about your main Reddit account, it’s a good idea to create a one-time post about things you’d rather keep private.

People often choose not to link their email address to their Reddit disposable accounts. By linking your email address to a Reddit account, you’ll be able to turn on security features like two-factor authentication and access account recovery options; however, if your Reddit account is hacked, it will also reveal your email address.

How to create a Reddit account to post without an email address

Reddit has made it difficult to figure out how to create disposable accounts. However, it’s still pretty easy to create Reddit accounts without an email address. On your desktop, open and click the blue Sign Up button at the top right of the page.

This will take you to the Reddit signup page. Click ” Continue ” – no email address required – this field is optional, although Reddit tries its best to pretend it isn’t. If you’re using the old Reddit, click Next .

On the next page, you can enter your username and password and check the box next to the captcha. When you’re done, click Register .

That’s it, your anonymous Reddit account has been created. Click ” Done ” in the bottom right corner to start browsing Reddit.

If you’re trying to do this on a mobile device, please be aware that you can’t sign up without an email address on any of Reddit’s apps or on its mobile website. Your best bet is to open in any mobile browser and use the Request Website for Desktop option to download the desktop version and follow the steps listed above.


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