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For centuries, cannabis has been deceptively low-tech – seeds meeting the ground; withered plant, meet the flame. But even in ancient times, people were always looking for more efficient ways to consume; Almost 2,500 years ago in Greece, Herodotus wrote about a vaping technique in which hemp seeds were placed on hot, hot stones . More recently, some innovative cultivators aiming at unobtrusive cultivation have begun to move their work indoors . Hashish, which was once sifted by hand, has begun to be produced using extraction technology. Beginning in the 1990s, creative tokers began to develop new ways to “smoke,” and today weed, which was once mostly burned or eaten, is being absorbed through vapes and volcanoes.

These advances in what I call “cannabis technology” have helped modernize the industry, break taboos and spread the gospel that marijuana can be used safely, responsibly and discreetly, helping in no small measure to promote the wider population. legal access for everyone. I saw it with my own eyes when the first G-Pen Micro appeared in New York in the early 2010s; suddenly people were able to consume in peace, both openly and on the DL, and it changed their lives. The same could be said for the first Pax vaporizer that was smoke-free and a portable option for flower lovers.

Even now, innovation is pushing the boundaries of the marijuana industry, from equipment like robots that fill e-cigarette cartridges to point-of-service interfaces that collect customer data and preferences. These tools are not only meant to make more money for suppliers (although I’m sure it won’t hurt); they also expand access and improve consistency as cannabis legalization spreads throughout the country and around the world.

There is nothing wrong with getting weed through the ancient methods of ingesting or burning, but cannabis technology creates healthier, cleaner and more accurate consumption systems. Precision and safety benefits every type of consumer, from novice to old. No one wants to accidentally overeat, and no one wants to lose patience, like a reservoir that prevents you from baking completely.

For all of these reasons, we highlight some interesting recent and emerging cannabis technologies for you to update your sesh.

Electronics & Instruments

Omura Series X ($ 99): Here comes the vape technology aimed at flower lovers. Omura’s redesigned X-series, while not technically new, is known for its cool device. This vape uses proprietary cardboard tubes called flower sticks that are filled with freshly ground cannabis (you can use those produced by partner brands, or you can fill your own). You set the temperature, load the tube up like a drinking straw, and boom: pure scent floral vaping without the thorough cleaning and maintenance of typical portable vapes. There are obvious downsides – you may be in a market where no one has partnered with Omura to produce or sell small flower pods – but the upsides (no mess, perfect pairing every time) are compelling enough so I don’t think it will be a problem for long.

Airgraft 2 battery ($ 10 membership): Concentrate pens may seem very “already done”, especially considering the fact that many of us gravitated from them during the “Weipa-crisis.” But this one is pretty innovative, and for several weeks now I’ve been holding it in the palm of my hand. It’s the perfect size – a bit like a Bic lighter in height and girth, lets you take it anywhere and fits in any pocket. Key features are its Registered Capsule Program, which allows you to receive immediate recall alerts as well as stay up to date on new flavors. A vibrating indicator tells you every time you hit 2mg of THC in your punch. A single charge lasts several weeks, even with regular use, so you can’t forget about the charger or discharging at critical moments.

iSpire’s The Wand Kit ($ 119): Electronichitting devicesare rolling on a roller coaster. Some are similar to the famous e-cigarette batteries, others are expensive and difficult to install. The ISpire pictured on the right actually seems like a practical solution for people who want to punch but don’t want to be in charge of the damn blowtorch.

The device heats up a special fireworks display with an inner metal tube (similar to the tube on a regular bong); you just add your concentrates like a traditional torch swab (as opposed to many that require adding slime beforehand). I was deeply shocked at how this torch-like device delivered my smear, producing super-powerful steam and completely destroying the concentrate – no sticky residue or tar left. One warm-up allows multiple people to add more concentrates, which means you can better serve a group session with the iSpire compared to most e-cigarettes.

Ardent FX ($ 290): When the Nova hit the market, I thought I saw it all when it came to decarboxylation devices , but the FX is even more high-tech. Ardent is one of the few companies that is trying to empower cannabis consumers at home, rather than just sending them to the store. Whether you are using it for medical or recreational purposes, making infused foods with precise doses takes the FX to the next level. They even have hundreds of recipes that can add delicious dishes to almost any dish, and sometimes even combine everything into a coherent whole, so there are no pots and pans to deal with when you cook.

Consumables innovations

MXXN Agave Jalisco (price varies): Based on the past as a bartender, I was a bit skeptical about new cannabis “spirits” that aim to mimic alcohol instead of making my own marijuana thing, but this stuff did get into note. … It tastes like subtle mezcal, as Del Maguey’s only source of suggestion, and has even a tiny bit at the end.

What it lacked was that gulp of sugar that some herbal elixirs and alcohols use to cover up their funk; it was dry as bone and had a pleasant vanilla smoke. This is from Vertosa, an innovative cannabis company based in the Gulf of California that is helping to usher in a new era of social drinks. Cannabis drinks, similar to MXXN spirits, are just one of dozens of their customers who come to the company for two reasons: bioavailability and stability. By creating products that work quickly, rather than travel through the entire digestive system to be absorbed, they give consumers an alcohol-like effect – more like a quick arousal than the couch of most long-acting foods consumed.

Purejuana powder (22.50 dollars for a box of 10 pieces ): people who need relief from the grass, you need as many options for consumption, especially very careful. Purejuana is a California-based brand that creates single-strain, water-soluble powders for addition to drinks. It comes in a variety of dosage options ranging from micro to 10 mg. Like many other Cali brands, Purejuana is not afraid to reveal the flavor of the herb, making it harder for the living gum to turn into powder; it’s not just a dose of THC alone, it’s a feeling of full bloom.

Once you start using weed with high-tech methods, it’s hard not to quickly become an enthusiast, even if you still love the old-fashioned joint (or slightly less old-fashioned marmalade). Physiologically, cannabis is still a mystery – we don’t yet know all the chemical pathways it uses to interact with our body – so new technologies will be developed as its secrets are uncovered. If you already enjoy marijuana, every new way you interact with it is potential new favorites, and exploring this ever-growing sector of herb implements is just as exciting as enjoying the main ingredient.


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