Don’t Overlook Those Green Relationship Flags

When it comes to romantic relationships – whether firmly established or still in their early stages – we are (rightfully) obligated to pay attention to and flag any warning signs about the person, commonly referred to as “red flags.”

We won’t go into details of why this is important, and what can happen if you ignore the red flags, but there are reasons why this topic comes up so often in the context of romantic relationships. While it is absolutely imperative for you to remain aware of the red flags, it is also important to pay attention to the positive traits of your current or potential partner.

This does not mean ignoring or justifying bad behavior because of a few seemingly good qualities, but it does mean appreciating the best of what they bring and determining if they satisfy your basic relationship needs (such as , as feeling seen, attractive, and safe).

In an article for Well + Good, Natalie Arroyo Camacho spoke with a relationship expert and therapist to learn more about relationship green flags, including a few examples. Here are a few to keep in mind.

They are familiar and comfortable with themselves.

This usually means that the person knows what they need in a romantic relationship and is more inclined to be open and honest in their conversations with you and other people.

One indicator of this, according to relationship expert Laurel House , is whether someone is able to take care of themselves, such as exercising or eating healthy, behavior that suggests that the person may be present.

When you say no, they respect and respect it.

“This is an important question,” Licensed Family Therapist Jacqueline Mendes told Well + Good . “Your ‘no’ – no – no explanation required, no further negotiation.”

The emphasis is not on your physical relationship

Of course, the physical side of a romantic relationship is important, but if it’s someone’s primary (or only) concern and attention, it can be dangerous. However, Mendes says that if they demonstrate that they are truly “interested in you , and not just in what they can get out of it,” that is definitely a green flag.


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