15 Discontinued Instant Foods That Must Be Returned According to Lifehacker Readers

Last week I asked which discontinued fast food items you would like to return with all your heart . To paint a picture of the loss, I, of course, used the discontinuation of the Mexican Taco Bell pizza as an example; Despite the less than overwhelming support for Mexican pizza in the comments, this item will be featured in this post out of respect as well as anger.

The answers I’ve looked through do show how many of our favorite items are missing, but definitely not forgotten. Your comments and quotes in tweets have inspired a new sense of longing in others, and even if I personally disagree with your taste buds, I respect your passion and camaraderie. Some of you have argued that you completely ditched certain franchises after your favorite item was removed from the menu, and I can’t blame you. We are looking for fast food not only because of its convenience, but also because of its reliability. Why did you rob me of my stability, Taco Bell?

Some of the following fast food menu items will cause controversy. Hope others will bring us closer. Note: McRib is not featured. I do not mean hatred for this icon, but I cannot bother myself with the drama of its constant disappearances / reappearances throughout our history. McRib is asking for attention, and I refuse to indulge him. (If you don’t mean literally “indulge,” in which case I will indulge with all my heart). Visit McRib Locator to try (hopefully) find the closest one to you.

Another warning: I couldn’t include all of your comments, often because I couldn’t find a single entry for the menu items in question. Perhaps we can take another look at fast food memories that are actually the Mandela Effect.

In the meantime, here are 15 fast foods that were taken away from us all too early.


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