Please Don’t Bring These Things to the Thanksgiving Table.

Let’s hope that we all know to avoid politics and religion in festive social events, where guests of various ideological and spiritual inclinations have gathered, for the good, festive time. But there are tons of other off-limits topics and issues that you should probably stay away from – unless you want a reputation for ruining Thanksgiving.

Are you dating someone?

If there is one thing a single person enjoys more than attending family events alone, it is being cornered in front of everyone about his love life. Whether their current dating landscape is en fuego, but they don’t want to jinx it, or somewhere in between, give them a break from checking. They may try to forget about the absence of a partner or are completely happy alone, but they do not try to justify this.

So when do you ask the question?

Who doesn’t like the pressure of their intimate relationships to quickly turn into a marriage institution? Couples who have been together for a while but are not related also deserve to be kept private. Don’t put them in a quandary just because you can’t keep up with their schedule. (PS You can always get a sensation from someone later when they are not around.)

You are pregnant?

Oh, how this question torments, let me count the paths. This can be because the woman is not drinking, refuses to eat certain foods (such as soft cheese), or because the midline is growing, all of which are wrong reasons to ask a woman if she is pregnant. Because you know what is the right reason? A trick question, it’s not. Even if it looks like it carries a basketball under her shirt, you would not ask if a woman is pregnant (or where she is from – for) whenor, if it is not confirmed that it is, in fact, a man.

Why don’t you drink?

In a culture that welcomes and encourages public drinking, it is understandable that curiosity is when someone is abstaining. But if a sober person isn’t your trip or death, that’s none of your business. It could be for reasons of religion, health, addiction, or something else they don’t want to share with the room. (Accordingly, refrain from asking “How is your recovery going?” At an event covered in wine.)

Have your children received the COVID vaccine?

By now, most of us know if the adults in our families have received the COVID vaccine (otherwise we wouldn’t get together at all). The next line of argument for vaccination in the family is the vaccine for children aged 5 to 11, which was approved for emergency use by the FDA in late October. While it is worth asking if your children will be in close proximity with other children, holiday food is not the time to bring it. Anything that will affect your level of comfort when visiting should be asked prior to your arrival.

Controversial news

Nothing can cloud a friendly group conversation (and alarm the host of Thanksgiving) as if someone were asking, “How about Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict?” In a room full of people who might disagree, avoid introductory topics related to acute issues of race, gun violence, or abortion, to name just a few. This day is designed to ensure that we were grateful to their families, not wondering how we ever talked with these people.

So what can we talk about?

We know that it can be tempting to stray from “safe” topics if you’re angry about the state of the world, allergic to false politeness, or, to be honest, you’re just bored. But the host spent hours, days, perhaps weeks planning so that everyone could have a good time. Out of respect for their hard work, stick to harmless, fun topics like sports, your latest and greatest finds on Netflix, movies, music, any upcoming or recent travel, new exercise, or health trends that people might indulge in. We’ve heard that the salt ball is a new sport 2022 Discuss.


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