What to Do If You Have a Bad LSD Trip

Let’s suppose that, hypothetically, I know how overwhelming it can be to overcome the paranoia, fear, and altered reality of what is simply called a “bad trip.” While we’re on the subject of hypotheses, let’s say I don’t recommend throwing (or swallowing) acid in a big city on a rainy day, especially when you tend to convince yourself that your roommate’s hamster is plotting murder. you. (Now you can laugh, but I guarantee this hamster had the feeling that he was out for blood.) (Hypothetically.)

On the weed side, we’ve got an iconic video guide onwhat to do if you’re too high . However, under the influence of acid is a completely different matter, with a number of unpredictable effects. As The Recovery Village explains, bad trip is very individual and may differ from previous bad trip symptoms in the same person. Some common symptoms of bad trip include:

  • Feeling like time has stopped
  • Negative thoughts or interpretations of events around you
  • Extreme paranoia
  • Extreme and sudden mood swings
  • Negative hallucinations, which may include sensations, sounds, or images.

A bad trip can happen to anyone taking hallucinogens, and while it is no longer possible to stop the journey, there are tips and tricks to help you cope until you walk out safe and sound on the other side.

We’ve compiled a list of virtual resources to use during a bad trip, inspired by this Reddit post in which the user effectively acts as a “sitter” (that is, someone who ensures the safety and well-being of someone else who is using drugs) for a stranger having a bad time on the internet. Sometimes screens and electronics get intimidating during a bad trip, but if you can interact with them, the following resources can help you get through the rough drug use experience.

The best subreddits for those high on LSD

g / LSD

The LSD subreddit is self-proclaimed as “a kind, open-minded community dedicated to lysergic acid diethylamide-25.” Or, as u / Barziboy puts it : “A Reddit’s own directory of random ceiling and floor images, signed with really thought-provoking headlines like ‘this is it! “Or” now everything makes sense. ” Feel free to write about your trip and ask for help like the user in this example . There is always the risk that strangers on the Internet will turn out to be jerks, but for the most part, this subreddit is full of relaxing and positive energy.

r / tripsit

The tripsit subreddit is even better suited than r / LSD to help anyone with a bad trip. Described primarily as a harm reduction community, these posts are full of soothing advice and general “positive emotions” to help you have an amazing drug use experience.


Tripsit.me is also a harm reduction resource that provides easy-to-follow information and newsletters to keep you connected to reality. The site is specially designed for the relief of anxiety attacks caused by hallucinogens. While I cannot attest to the usefulness of those on the net, it looks like the live chats on this site are indeed active around the clock.


Like tripsit.me, this Discord is an active server where you can talk to like-minded people about your drug use experience. And, as with any online chat, I cannot guarantee efficiency or kindness from strangers on the other side of the screen. However, online chats can be helpful for engaging (or just observing), especially if you need proof that there are people who know what you are going through.


Sometimes the screens are too big when driving. Call 62-FIRESIDE (623-473-7433) to connect with trained volunteers who can help you with difficult encounters with psilocybin, LSD and other psychedelics . According to an article in Rolling Stone magazine , Fireside “seeks to promote a holistic approach to preparing, enjoying and integrating psychedelic experiences.” The hotline also supports sober people who travel with their friends, or sober people who want to reflect on their past experiences.

General tips to cope with a bad trip

Regardless of whether you find comfort in helping others online, keep these general tips in mind to help you cope with your challenging trip:

  • Go to a safe, familiar environment (and avoid overstimulation)
  • Play soothing positive music
  • Try to meditate
  • Drink water
  • Do not try to self-medicate with other drugs.
  • Remember this is unreal and won’t last forever
  • Surrender to experience (rather than trying to control it)
  • Fall asleep as soon as possible and know you will wake up in a better place

Know that you will soon be back to reality. It’s called a “trip” for a reason, and it won’t last forever. Have you received it.


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