The Easiest Way to Make Beautiful, Flawless Turkey Broth

If you haven’t started your Thanksgiving preparations yet, making turkey broth is a good start. It doesn’t take much effort, and it infuses your home with a lovely scent that hints that a future sauce might work. But then you open the pressure cooker and it looks … not very good. Ever wondered why you can whip the perfect sauce for 20 minutes and still get lumpy?

Meet the lumps . Meat does not dissolve well in water, and by removing these leftovers from the broth, you finally get a lump-free gravy, as well as clearer soups and velvety sauces.

There is a lot of material inside, and even filtering it through a sieve or grease separator will cause some pieces to pass through. But fear not, my friends, for there is a secret weapon for a beautiful lodge: a bag of nut milk.

While it is primarily used to make DIY alternative milk, it is essentially a nylon gauze with a string. It’s inexpensive – multi-packs are available for under $ 10 – and perhaps most importantly, dishwasher safe. And while I would still use cheesecloth for anything that takes a long time to cook, like a bouquet of garni , a bag of nut milk is best for straining, great for ricotta cheese, Greek yogurt, grated cucumbers for tzatziki, summer syrups berries and … the most important thing, at least this month, is to make a very beautiful chicken or turkey broth.

The bag is very easy to use. After skimming off the fat or separating the fat, pour the broth into a container filled with a through bag. (A four-cup beaker is a great vessel for this process and makes measuring and pouring into a storage container a lot easier.) You’ll be amazed at what you find. Because nylon does not have the absorbency of gauze, liquids travel faster through the nut milk bag.

After you’ve filtered out all the little pieces from your broth, you can freeze it until you’re ready to make the sauce (or use it to make your soup). Both are fine, and both won’t have the nasty, unsightly rubbish.


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