Top 10 Movies by Each Marvel Star “The Eternals”

I didn’t come to curse the Eternals (since I haven’t seen one yet), but mixed reviews so far suggest it may very well be a movie that dulls our collective love of Marvel movies. We’ll see: Chloe Zhao is as good a director as the superhero movies have ever seen, and the cast here is probably the best Marvel has ever put together (the pun is certainly intended). It has also already been banned in most of the Persian Gulf, presumably due to the gay couple in the film – so there are extra points.

But seriously. This is a throw. There are plenty of relative newcomers and veterans at Eternals , with even 16-year-old Leah McHugh (Sprite) earning solid credits in five years. At the other end of this spectrum is Harish Patel, with dozens of loans created over decades. There are a few people in between that you may have heard of, such as Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

Maybe you are not crazy about the Eternals , or maybe you are just tired of superhero movies. Fair. Or perhaps you liked the movie and want to see more of these stars. And so you ask yourself: where can I see these beautiful actors in films that do not include aliens and space gods? Relax. Got it.


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