20 Horror Podcasts That Will Scare You to Death

When I was a weird little kid, I would pull on a blanket and listen to creepy old radio episodes before bed. (Listening to 10-year-old radio programs alone was really cool for kids; I had a lot of friends, and I was in no way considered an eccentric.) Popular wisdom in storytelling is that you should show, not tell, but there is something- something very primitive in headphone horror – your imagination is often much brighter than anything else you might see in a movie. Many of these vintage programs have been amazingly effective for this reason, but I was definitely not spoiled for choice – this art form was also practically dead before the advent and explosive growth of podcasts as a medium of storytelling over the past decade and a half. giving artists a new platform to create horror and pump it right into our ears.

Below are some of my personal favorite horror podcasts to suit every mood: there are stories told, full-blown audio dramas, challenge shows and talk about ghosts, demons, truckers, the ambitious glowing cloud, and more. scary of them all, a real doctor who did a terrible job at his job. (Leave your own quirky guidelines in the comments.)


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