How to Measure Your Child’s Clothing When Size Doesn’t Matter

If you’ve been dressing a child for a while, you have no doubt realized that his age does not always match the size of the clothes he “should” wear (for example, he is three years old, but he does not fit in size 3T.), And there are many options among clothing brands. Your kid may have a size 7/8 shirt at Target, but size 6 when from Walmart. Their pants may not even be the same size as their shorts of the same brand. Add European sizes and … you still have a headache?

When it comes to baby clothes, as annoying as they are, there is no one size fits all solution ( ba-dum-bum, shh ). Equipping your child correctly can be a confusing game, especially in the midst of growth spikes and seasonal changes, so here are some ways to make orienteering easier.

Focus on measurements, not age

While a generic sizing chart can be helpful due to such fluctuations between brands, the best way to choose the right size is to independently refer to each brand’s online sizing chart. (Actually the best way is to try on everyone, but who has time for it – especially when some brands like Hanna Andersson and Mini Boden have very few, if any, retail stores in the country.)

Be sure to use height and weight measurements, not age, to determine the best sizing for your child. If you see measurements in centimeters, please refer to the international sizing chart .

Stick to a few favorite brands

Ever felt like you have to visit half a dozen grocery stores to get everything your family needs? This weekend we went to Costco for bulk, Safeway for weekly delivery, Trader Joe’s for specialty merchandise, plus a bagel shop and discounted booze supplier. But when it comes to baby clothes, don’t be like us .

While some may not like it, choosing between one and three favorite brands and keeping them for long periods of time can lead to fewer sizing issues. While you can order from every cute catalog that graces your inbox, if you don’t want to be the hamster’s constant return, it’s best to find your favorite, trusted brands ahead of time and keep buying from them so you know exactly what to expect.

One word: lace

Okay, more than one word: also leggings, joggers, elastic cuffs and, in the name of heaven, no skinny jeans . Basically everything is elastic and free with built-in feed. If your child is of medium size or trying a new brand, the safest option is a zip- free waist. Clothes that are put on and off can slightly reduce the stiffness of unsuitable buttons, buttons, and fasteners.

The belts on the drawstring can not only be stretched, but also tightened; they can be folded once to get rid of an extra inch of potential clumping. And even if the lightweight joggers with elasticated cuffs are too long, they still don’t hang below the ankle. And if your baby’s circulation isn’t on the agenda, skip the tight-fitting jeggings, ”Nuff said.

Savings (or use clothing sharing sites)

While this does not directly address the sizing issue, buying or replacing second-hand baby clothes can help alleviate the pain of spending hundreds of dollars on new thread every season, only for your child to experience a growth spurt right after you take off. … tags.

In addition to Goodwill, consignment shops, yard sales, Craigslist, the Facebook marketplace, and – our absolute favorite – the giveaway , here are a few more options: Kidizen allows parents to shop with neatly used clothing with the option to customize an online store to sell their own … Visit the new ThredUp and Swoondle Society kids’ clothing store where, for a monthly membership fee of $ 15, you redeem your little one’s used clothes for points to choose the style and size you want .

When in doubt, increase the size

The clothes you buy are either too small or too large, both are annoying. At least when they are too large, you have the option to save them for future use (and save another dangerous trip to Target or UPS). Our advice is to increase the size and consider which fabrics may shrink.

While we are doing this, buying baby shoes isn’t all that fun either. Find out how to make your shoe size more manageable here .


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