These Stress-Free Plants Can Instantly Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Home.

If your yard is a bit dull and you’re looking for ways to make your curbs more attractive, here are some of the easiest ways to spruce it up, minus a headache or an exorbitant timeline.

Try hydrangeas

Oh hydrangea , how do we love you? Let’s count the paths. Are these your big balls of pastel flowers, looking like a bridal bouquet, waiting in the wings? Or is it how you take up space so easily and how quickly you mature – up to 25 inches a year? These morning sun, daytime shady perennials grow to a maximum height of five to 15 feet, depending on the species.

Grow dogwood from a red twig

With red dogwood, you get a fast-growing, low-maintenance shrub that is attractive all year round. With variegated pale green leaves and creamy white flowers in the spring, white berries in the summer, and stunning fiery red branches in the winter, these sets will brighten up any bleak landscape. Plant several in a row for a makeshift hedge.

Plant fast growing clematis

Bright, colorful and fast-growing, this buttercup family, known as the “queen of climbers”, can thrive in full or partial sun. A climbing vine with white, purple, or pink flowers, clematis can grow up to 30 feet in just a few months. For even faster results, buy a container-grown plant that is at least two years old and is already actively growing. Be sure to equip it with a grate or similar so that you can grab onto it.

Try hosts under your trees

Shade-tolerant hosts, with their large green, blue, cream and yellow leaves, make filling bare spots under the trees in the yard a breeze. These harsh perennials will tolerate almost any soil. However, not all hosts are equally fond of the shade. The lighter the foliage, the brighter the sun it will need to maintain its color.

Organize with boxwood

The Reliable Toyota in the Landscaping World While boxwood is not “exciting,” it is undeniably a reliable way to give your yard a quick structure and polish. These easy-to-maintain evergreens with rich, year-round foliage come in a variety of sizes and retain their color all year round.

Use Knock Out and drifting roses

While traditional rose bushes require significant maintenance, Knock Out roses require less pruning, spraying and fertilization. Growing an average of three to four feet in height, the Knock Out bushes produce 11 varieties of roses in reds, pinks, yellows, whites and coral from spring to the first frost. Smaller but equally beautiful floating roses, which are about 18 inches tall, offer a wonderful groundcover in sunny locations.

Yucca landscape

Yucca, native to hot and dry climates, is an evergreen ornamental plant with tough sword-shaped leaves and white flowers that require little to no watering (except in severe drought). Whether you go for a greenish yellow or a red, you are sure to find one of 40-50 varieties that can enhance the overall look of your yard.

Use a planter for the front doors

If you don’t already have a planter in front of your front door, you should do this. Decorate this piece of cement in front of the door with decorative urns on each side. Fill them with boxwood topiary, false cypress , dwarf blue spruce , emerald green thuja, or Japanese skimmia , to name just a few. For extra color, underplant them with golden Jenny creepers, peephole , lungwort , primrose , bells , or superbells .

Or use houseplants and annuals

Create dynamism by adding potted plants such as Ferns, Fall Joy Sedums , Impatiens , or Caladium – in a variety of shades that contrast with the color of your mulch or the outside of your home. Annuals like zinnias, begonias, marigolds, and petunias (or pansies and mummies in cooler months) are easy to hang or place in window boxes for an extra dose of sweet, colorful charm.


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