How to Prevent Your Honey (and Other Condiments) From Leaving a Sticky Mass

As far as I can tell, sticky stains are never welcome, and especially unwelcome in my pantry, which is known for being spotless (that’s not true). But some bottles with thick, viscous substances and condiments are best stored upside down, which increases the chances of spills, so it is best to have some sort of clutter prevention system.

I often put honey and agave bottles in molds or a small bowl to keep honey from accumulating in my cupboards, but I have so many molds and small bowls and I need them for other things (like crème brлеlée and pickles for cheese boards ). Luckily for me (and maybe you), The Kitchn has a different solution – use a cupcake liner instead:

Remove any condiments that might get sticky inside the cupcake liners . They conveniently collect droplets and, more importantly, keep clutter. And if the earbuds get dirty, just throw them away and replace them with new ones! Note: foil lined will last even longer and retain dirt better.

Foil can last a little longer, but paper can be composted and you can always double it up if you’re trying to prevent a really messy spill.

In addition to honey and other sticky syrups, you can place muffin liners under the condiments you keep in the refrigerator, such as bottles of ketchup, hot sauce, or anything else that tends to spill, drip, or drip down the sides of the bottles. (Even if not stored upside down, hot sauce bottles may become completely dripping.)

Whether you use washable tins or disposable (or compostable) cupcake liners, remember to wash or throw away dirty ones from time to time. (Unless you want ants, because that’s how you get ants.)


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