You Must Add Umeboshi Vinegar to the Whipped Cream

I am usually a proponent of whipped cream. Heavy cream does not need to be flavored as it already has a flavor – the flavor of cream. I rarely sweeten heavy cream before whipping, especially if it’s meant for something sweet. (Just let the cream be fatty and fatty and creamy!) But a friend recently mentioned that she was adding some umeboshi vinegar to her whipped cream, and I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

What is umeboshi vinegar?

Umeboshi vinegar is not real vinegar, but ume su is the liquid salt that stands for umboshi (pickled Japanese plums). It is salty, tart and slightly funky, with hints of fermented stone fruit. I like it. This is one of the top 10 vinegars for me.

You can use it as a condiment (like soy sauce) and add to summer drinks, but with whipped cream it’s shocking fun. The salty and sour properties of vinegar work well with heavy whipping cream for an even more irresistible filling. Add sugar and you’ve got sweet, creamy, salty, and sour in one bite.

How to Make Umeboshi Vinegar Whipped Cream

Start with a cup of heavy cream and add a couple tablespoons of sugar if desired. I left the sugar when making mine because I knew I would pour it on heavily sweetened fruit, but sweet and sour whipped cream has its merits. Whisk in the cream, add a teaspoon of umeboshi vinegar and add gently. Give it a try and add some more if you think you need it. Try it again. You will know when you have added enough, because you will need another spoon right away.

Umeboshi whipped cream is great on fresh candied fruit, matcha cake, or any other cake. I don’t have zucchini bread, but I think it will work too.


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