How to Tweet Directly to Your Instagram Stories on IOS Instead of Using Screenshots

If you’re an iOS user, you no longer have to go through the tedious process of taking a screenshot of a tweet in the Twitter app, switching to Instagram, and uploading them separately to your Instagram Stories. Twitter now allows you to do this directly with the new Instagram Stories posting option .

This follows a similar feature unveiled for Snapchat on iOS late last year – essentially, users of both apps can post a tweet to Snap as a sticker, which will also link you to the original tweet on Twitter.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process for posting tweets to your Instagram Stories:

First, find the tweet you want to post to your Stories and tap the Share icon below it.

Then, from the pop-up menu, tap the Instagram Stories icon, which will take you to Instagram and drag the screenshot of that tweet right into the draft Story.

Finally, edit the story as usual – resize or reposition the screenshot, add text, insert music, etc. – and then share or send it to its destination.

Please note that this new feature has several limitations. First, it won’t work with protected tweets that Twitter doesn’t allow you to share. Also, videos embedded in tweets will show up as static images after being uploaded to Instagram, so it’s just a more convenient option for uploading screenshots to your Stories compared to viewing your phone’s photo album. Finally, screenshots will not link to Twitter.

Unfortunately, just like the Snapchat integration, Instagram Story Sharing isn’t available on Android – at least not yet. And if you don’t see this option in your iOS app yet, you probably need to update Twitter on your iPhone to the most recent version of the app.


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