How to Automatically Delete All Telegram Messages

Setting your messages to “auto-delete” is great because it kills two birds with one stone: your various apps and social networks won’t be jammed with conversations that no longer matter, and you won’t have to worry about privacy issues arising from for keeping your messages idle forever. I especially like Telegram’s new approach to automatically delete old messages: the app can now automatically delete entire conversations for both parties . Sorry, people are looking in old chats for what you said a few months ago.

To get started with this always useful feature, make sure you update Telegram to the latest version for Android or iOS , then launch the app and start a conversation. On Android, tap the three dots icon, select “Clear History” and specify the duration.

On iOS, tap and hold any message in a group chat. You will see the option to “Select” this message. Tap it, then tap Clear Chat in the upper left corner. Then you will receive this message:

Click Turn on auto-deletion and you can choose whether chat messages should disappear for all participants after a day or a week.

Whatever you choose, on any platform, your group chat will automatically inform everyone that messages will now be automatically deleted. Be prepared for the next stream of responses.

That’s all. I recommend turning this on because honestly, how often have you ever come back and looked at ancient epistles? If you think you need to go back to something, you can always take a screenshot before the message disappears.

How to create time-limited Telegram invite links

Speaking of privacy, the Telegram update also adds new expiring invitations. This feature means you can send out invitations to different groups and channels without worrying that these links will give anyone who finds them access to your chats forever.

To get started (on iOS at least), open a group or channel, tap its icon in the upper right corner, and tap Add Members . Click “Invite to the link group” and then click “Link Management for invitations.” Click on Create New Link and you can limit the number of times people use that link by time period (one hour to one week), expiration date, or number of users (and usage).

While I would have liked this feature to be able to kick people out after a period of inactivity (sort of like temporary Discord invites to servers), Telegram updates still provide incredibly useful tools for managing your larger chats.


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